Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby, Bellies, and Birthdays

Here is perfect hand wave. Yes that is our little critter waving at us from the inside.

Here is the unknown sex picture. Our little baby is lounging. It is kind of hard to see but the baby's legs are crossed and its arms are behind its head. The head is in the bottom right and the legs in the top left.

Here are some more pictures of my belly and my husbands "belly" We just got done eating Sunday dinner and it was lookin fine. My Josh also went and lifted some weights and sprouted some major pecs. What a hottie!

So now I will give you all an update of our lives. We did move from Casper and are trying to find a place to live in Rock Springs again. Josh is back to work and he is taking online classes through the University of Pheonix. He is really working hard and doing very well. I have to say I am really glad to be out of Capser and closer to my family. I am just starting my fifth month and can't wait for the summer!

This weekend we had a birhtday party for my Grandma Joan, she is 90! She is living in an assisted living home in Evanston and is doing alright. She is rapidly losing her memory, but she had a blast at the party and remembered quite a few people. I love her and miss the great times I spend at her and my grandpa's house when I was growing up. For those of you who know her, she is quite the lady. Josh and I were visiting her in Evanston and here was our conversation.
Grandma:"So who is your husband again?"
Me:"Who is he Grandma, whats his last name?"
G:Silence and laughs, "I can't remember."
G:"Oh thats right, did you two get married in the Temple?"
Me:"Yes Grandma, in 2005."
G:Looking at Josh, "Oh, so what religion are you?"
Anyway she is a funny lady and I hope she is happy, but she does not believe anyone who tells her she is 90. She is only 80 and it is 1979. I love her. I miss her old self and my grandpa, but I know they both lived great lives.