Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a great Christmas hanging out with all of our family. We also went to Little America for a couple days to hang out and go swimming.

Blake came home!

Josh has been waiting for me to post these pictures. This is "one of the best moments of his life!" As you all should know, Josh loves his Wyoming Cowboys. He has been lucky enough to get to ride the Cowboy Bus to many a cowboy game and they even went to the New Mexico Bowl. This bus is really sweet, and the coaching staff came to Rock Springs to visit with people and the Cowboy bus was there. (Josh speaking now) The New Mexico Bowl and trip was awesome. There will be many more LONG road trips for the Cowboy Fever bus and Crew in the future!!!! Thanks to my good friends Dave and Josh.

It was awesome to have Coach Christensen in the Cowboy bus honking the train horn!

We were privileged to get a picture of the bronze boot as a hood ornament.

One of the few Cowboy fans to ever hold the bronze boot!

This was Josh's second accomplishment in February. I am very proud of him

We are just hanging out this month. For those of you who don't know yet Josh and I are expecting another baby in July. I am 24 weeks now and my due date is July 11th. Eliza is growing up so fast, I can't believe it. She is such a little firecracker and I love it! She loves her daddy so much and every night they wrestle and play for hours.

She is sick of saying "cheese"

She loves loves to read and this is where she is a lot of the time during the day. PS Speaking of reading. Josh got me a Kindle for Valentines Day and I LOVE it. Might be one of the reasons I haven't updated in a while. Seriously one of the best gifts ever!