Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pillow Scream

Pillow scream. Have you ever done it? Until today, I had not. I've heard of women being stressed and needing somewhere to go to release the tension. I think the man version is pounding nails into a stump. Well today I did a mighty strong pillow scream, and to tell you the truth, it actually felt good and helped.

After an afternoon of being on the phone with doctors and electricians and fridge repair men and crack-in-your-wall fixers oh and estimates to fix windows who some little window breakers broke....whoa.... I needed a good scream.

Oh and my little child likes to sit up and play with her toys until she sees me, then she will fall over on her boppy on purpose and says whimper whimper until I pick her up. Ya its funny the first 15 times, then it gets a little less hilarious. So after I hung up the phone and kissed my baby, I had a pillow scream. aaaahhhhh. Then we were able to sing songs, and give hugs and mom felt much better.

Thanks pillow for being multifunctional.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's snot feeling well

So Eliza has been a little under the weather and full of mucous and I managed to catch it on camera. This is not for the faint of heart.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas time

So Josh and I and Eliza had a wonderful Christmas. We started early by going to Salt Lake for a little fun. We mostly just ate out and hung out in our hotel. We wanted to take Eliza swimming, but the water was freezing and we dipped her in and she was shivering.

My sister and I wanted to go to the mall that saturday before Christmas just to do some shopping for us. We were all done with our Christmas shopping and underestimated the crowds. We went to Fashion Place and it took us like 1 1/2 hours to get there from down town. The traffic was horrible and the parking lot was even worse. I dropped my sister off and tried to park. I seriously almost had a panic attack. Or maybe I did. I was trying to park and hadn't moved for like 20 minutes surrounded by cars and all sides. I started freakin out, and the mall inside was even worse. I totally would not make it in the after Thanksgiving sales. I would sit down and cry as everyone was trampling me.

Here are a couple pictures in our hotel room.

Christmas was so awesome, we love spending time with all of our family. We always have Christmas eve at Josh's family's house and Christmas day at mine. Eliza was pretty tired of running around all the time. She got a lot of books and clothes from our family. Josh's big gifts were a GPS from his family a PS3 from me and a book from my parents. My big gifts were a bread maker from my parents, snowboard bindings from Josh, and a Cricut expression from my mother and father in law. I was soo excited for everything I got. (I have wanted a cricut for forever, but couldn't justify getting one!)

Eliza's favorite part of Christmas was watching everyone and eating the bows.

Here is Eliza and her cousin Jersey who is about 4 months younger than her, and Eliza bundled up to play outside. That girl is all cheeks!