Friday, September 12, 2008

Blah blah blah...

I hope I don't annoy people. Now that Eliza Jae is here I feel like all I do is talk about her. So SORRY everyone who gets annoyed by me(I know they probably don't, but I feel bad sometimes). I remember when there wasn't a squeeker around here, and I would listen to everyone talk about their kids, I didn't get annoyed but I just didn't understand and couldn't relate and empathize with them, now I know. And I really did love to hear them talk about their kids, it's just different when you really have one.

Here are some random thoughts throughout my day.
**I am glad the baby loves me even when my breath must reek. I know it usually doens't smell minty fresh, but she always lets me talk to her and doesn't grimace and barf. I guess I should be grateful to Josh also:)
**I am glad it doesn't happen when I think " I hope someone doesn't come to my house for a surprise visit when I am in my pj's with my glasses on and my hair up in a rubber band at 2:00 in the afternoon." Which seems to be happening more and more these days....
**When I was preggo I wondered if my belly button would ever go back in, NOW I wonder if it will ever look normal and not sunken in surrounded by my extra fatty spare tire.
**I cannot believe you just made that much noise and and passed that much gas and farted for sooo long and this is all that is in the diaper! ---I am talking about the baby. (Sorry if that was too gross)
**I do not want to watch any more football games that took place 1, 2, or even 20 years ago on TV. Why watch a game you have already seen or one whose players are probably dead now. I also am getting pretty sick of all the muley crazy DVD's and talking about hunting and what everyone saw. (I do love hunting, but I can't go this year and I just don't feel like talking about it oKAY!)
**I absolutely HATE HATE HATE how common swearing has become. There is swearing on every TV channel and bleeping does not help. I need to just toss the stupid tv out the window. Everyone here in Rock Springs cusses I hate it. There are respectable men who do not swear around women(or so I thought that was the norm), but here in Rock Springs they don't care whose company they are in, they just let their nasty mouths run. Now i don't mean a less severe H or D, it is the very worse ones. GRRR I hate it!

Okay breath I am done and headed to bed.

Here she is all 10 lbs. 9oz. of her!