Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its time to get excited

I am excited for... thanksgivings.pumpkin pie.pumpkin bars.pumpkin and dessert in general.being reminded of everything I have.grammas and
wrapping.pine.temple devotional.frost on the window.warm quilts and cold pillows.big wool jesus.wisemen.mother tell me the story...
santa clause.warm fuzzy.growing.loving.

YAY. I love it.

I am trying to avoid the problem Josh has. He gets bummed before the holidays even begin that they will soon be over.

We are already listening to the Beach Boys Christmas songs. Oh boy.

When Josh was little he thought he was Dennis Wilson reincarnated. For those of you who know the beach boys he was one of the originals.

Oh, my little baby has found her feet. You see why we need a new camera.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween fun

So Eliza was a cute chocolate treat(tootsie roll). We went to the stake trunk or treat and their were sooo many people there. She was amazed, she sat and stared the whole time not making a peep. I guess her costume was sort of unisex because people thought she was a boy as much as they thought she was a girl. Josh went to Wal-mart and bought his concoction. He was the creepiest lookin guy at the church, the little kids were scared of him. Eliza loved him though. I just got a bunch of stuff from the back of the closet and wore Josh's wranglers. It was lots of fun.

We also made some awesome caramel apples. Layers of heavenly and fattening goodness smeared on a healthy apple. Okay ready for this. Apples with caramel then white chocolate then rolled in smashed butterfingers. Oh they are good, for those of you who have been to Rocky Mtn. Choc Fac. Those are my fav.

Okay so Josh drew out area 102 for deer this year. It is a highly coveted draw out area. He was determined to get a monster. The trick to this he tells me is to pass up all of the huge bucks and wait until the last five days of the hunt. Unless you see a record breaker of course, then you shoot no matter the day. So Josh and his brother Shane go hunting for a week and Shane gets a nice 4 point, but Josh wants to wait. They pass up some nice ones and Josh even passed up a huge nontypical because someone else was trying to shoot it, but they kept missing. The guy who kept missing eventually got it and he is now in third place for the Wyo truck big buck contest. He is huge! Anyway Josh is waiting and waiting and the final day of the hunt comes around and he is getting kind of bummed. We decided we wanted some deer meat no matter what, so Josh shot a nice 4x5. He was pretty dissapointed because he had passed up much nicer ones earlier. I told him he has like 80 more years to get a huge buck:) That didn't seem to lift his spirits any.
So here he is.

Oh and about the background.....I just can help it. It is November.