Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lotsa pictures it has been a while. Since I lasted blogged I have completed my first sememster of nursing school. It is going well, but I am very ready for christmas break. My little girls are growing so fast right before my very eyes. I never imagined I would have so much fun with two little girls. Kyle(that is what we call her:) is the best baby ever! She sleeps all night and has for a while, since school started. She hardly ever cries and she is always smiling so happy. I think we have been majorly blessed. School is hard especially when I want to kiss and hang out with my girls all day instead of going to school, but it will be worth it(this is where you as a reader take note and re-enforce that to me -an emotional mother -in the comment area, thanks!) Yes! It will be worth it.
Josh is my ever loving, patient, wonderful husband that is working as hard as ever. He is super busy with work and young mens, supporting me and our little family. I wish we could spend more time together, but we are so blessed I cannot complain.
Okay now for the pictures...

Eliza first

Now Kyle

I know, I know so cute! Eliza really is the best big sister, when Kyle cries she goes over to her and sings I am a child of God or Book of Mormon stories. Those are her favorite. Kyle loves her too, whenever she sees Eliza she breaks out in a big grin. Eliza is also super exited about her new boy cousins. Beck and Karter, they are super cute little dudes.