Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Did it!

So I graduated from nursing school... yay! Alayna Roitz RN. It pretty much sucked the life out of me for 2 years, but it is over!
My awesome family were soooo supportive during school and I love them, thanks guy and girls! I also could not have done it without my sister/mom/sister in law/and friends in Rock Springs always watching my children, really- I could not have done it without you guys!
Earlier this summer my family threw me a surprise party, and I was surprised! I wasn't feeling so well (ahem see other post) and Bree wanted me to go on a picnic with her. I barely got dressed and certainly did not get ready and drove to the park. There were a lot of cars there and the pavillion was decorated. I was like, "Oh looks like they are having a party here, maybe we should go to another park..." then as I got to looking around I realized it was all my amazing friends and family. Here are the pics..... It was such a fun party thanks mom and Bree and Josh and Beth and Jenny, and all my friends and family:)